Their Royal Majesties

Chancellor: Master Stephan of Durham –
Travel Coordinator:
Tegan verch Dwgan –

Fire Opal – Court & Ceremonies: Master Stephan of Durham –



8th – Newbie Collegium                 Lagerdamm
15th – Winter Wonders                  Ardenroe
22nd – Fashion Acdemy                 Axemoor
29th – Candlelight Camp                SGB


5th – Turf War                              Seleone
12th – Historical Romance              Blackwood
26th – GA Fighters Collegium        Dragoun’s Weal


12th – 19th Gulf Wars


2nd – Plunderers & Privateers       IronOx
9th – Coronation                          TBA



His information:

Colors – Black, White, Red
Persona – Conquest Era (10th Century) Magyar (Hungarian)
Interests – Archery, Light Weapons. Woodworking
Food likes – Meat.  Meat.  Bread.  Cheese.  Chocolate.
Preferred Drinks – Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Sweet Tea.
Dislikes – Does not drink adult beverages.  Dislikes most vegetables.  Dislikes most scented things (they induce headaches)
Gift preferences – Their Highnesses prefer things that may be given as largess, however personal gifts for him that are related to Archery or Woodworking, or small period accoutrements are welcome.

Her information:

Colors – Black, White, Gold (but wears almost anything)
Persona – 11th-12th century Hebridean (Norse/Irish cultural mix)
Interests – Heavy fighting, calligraphy, fiber arts (weaving, knitting), period cookery
Food likes – Almost everything, but likes to heat healthy – vegetables, fruits.  Does not sneer at the occasional chocolate.
Preferred Drinks – Unsweetened Tea, Diet Coke, Water. Her Majesty is a light drinker – the occasional red wine or mojito.
Dislikes – Sweets that do not include chocolate, heavily sweetened beverages
Gift Preferences – Their Highnesses prefer things that may be given as largess, however personal gifts for her that are related to the fiber arts, lavender-scented objects, handmade soaps, loose leaf teas, or small period accoutrements are appreciated.