Their Royal Highnesses

Co Chancellors: Baroness Isabella D’Arques & Baroness Medb ingen ui Mael Anfaid –
Travel Coordinator:
THL Gentile D’Orleans –

Her Progress:

Christmas Revel Lumberton Dec 3-5
Winter Wonders  Jan 14-16
Fashion Academy Jackson Jan 21-23
Historical Romance Jimmy Davis State Park? Feb 11-13
Fighters Collegium Hattiesburg Feb 25-27
Gulf Wars Lumberton March 11-20
Coronation  April 8-10
Crown List May 20-22
Live Weapons June 3-5
August – Pennsic
GA A&S Sept 16-18
Coronation Sept 30-October 2


His information:

Colors – White and Green
Persona – Norse (10th Century)
Interests – Archery, Light Weapons, Armorsmithing
Food likes – Land Animals (especially game animals), Sea Critters,  Sweet Bread,  Cheese.
Preferred Drinks – Diet Soda.  Good beer (Lagers and Pilsners)
Dislikes – Vegetables are what my food eats.
Gift preferences – His Highness prefer things that may be given as largess, however personal gifts for him that are related to his woefully inadequate skills in Archery, Light Weapons, or small period accouterments are welcome.

Her information:

Colors – Purple and White
– Celtic
Allergic to – very strong perfumes and scents
Likes –
Loves Lavender Scents, Calla Lilies of course and Purple
Snack Food likes – Dried Fruit, Almonds, Granola Bars, Occasional Chocolates are okay.
Preferred Drinks – Coke, Coke Zero, Tea with Lemon, Water, Hot Chocolate, White Bubbly Wine
Dislikes – Liver, Venison, Fish, Oysters, Mushrooms, Peas, Red Wine
Gift Preferences – Of course Largess of any kind is appreciated, She enjoys embroidery, so anything embroidery is appreciated: especially threads, books. She also enjoys hand-made soaps.