Royal Edict

Posted by Sharon Williams on September 12, 2016
in News

By order of Their Majesties, Radu and Broinnfinn, to be in effect as a Royal Edict for the duration of Their Reign:

1.  In the interests of the general health and cleanliness and for prevention of the Plague, at all events where there is running water, the sponsoring branch of the event shall provide soap, that our Populace shall attend to the washing of their hands.

1.1  “Sanitizer” shall ONLY be considered an acceptable substitute for hand soap in the absence of running water.  If water is available, soap should be provided.

2.  Should the sponsoring group fail to provide soap, it shall be provided at the event by Her Majesty, who shall carry stocks of soap with her in her progress.

2.1  Should it be necessary that Her Majesty provide soap for the use of the populace, a fine of $20 shall be assessed the offending branch.  These funds shall be transferred to the special account designated for the Ambassador, to offset printing and postage costs of our Kingdom newsletter.